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How to Use It
I have created a separate page for K-2nd Activities and 3rd-5th Activities. Look to the left of your screen and you will see them. Simply click on the level you would like to go to. You are currently on the "Home" page.

Try to fill in as much information as you can following this format:
Activity: Name of activity, Hyperlink to website used in conjunction with the activity.
Software: Software program used for activity.
Skills/COS: You can also list the Course of Study number and description from your own curriculum.
Tags: Tags can be skills or keywords such as typing, graphs, paint, Word, etc. Please skip a space between each word.
Comments: Comments about the lesson: details, tips, tricks, what worked or what didn't work, other websites used.
File: Any file to be used in conjunction with the activity.
Contributor: List your name or username and hyperlink it to your email address in case someone has questions about the activity. If you don't want to leave your name, you don't have to, Just leave this cell blank.
Grade Level: You may leave this blank (3-5) or list the specific grade level for the activity.

Use this list to find or add websites or other internet resources for the computer lab. There are 4 categories: Curriculum Links, Lesson Plan Links, Technology Links, and Thematic Links.

Web 2.0
Use this list to add Web 2.0 tools that can be used in the computer lab.

Searching for Activities
Find activities fast by using the Search box above the page listing.
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